Volume 26, issue 2 (95), 2018

Recommended for dissemination via the Internet by the Academic Council of SI "Institute of neurology, psychiatry and narcology of the NAMS of Ukraine" (protocol no. 10 dated 7 June, 2018)

pdf.png Yegorkina Olga
Voloshyna Natalia
The problem of diagnosis and therapy of autoimmune encephalitis
pdf.png Grygorova Iryna
Teslenko Olga
The clinical effectiveness of Neuromidine and its influence on the processes of neuroplasticity in cranial-cerebral injury
pdf.png Duve Khrystyna
The peculiarities of metabolic changes in patients in recovery and residual periods of aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage
pdf.png Pinchuk Viktoriya
Kryvchun Anzhelina
Sylenko Galyna
Place of olatropil in treatment of cognitive disorders in patients with multiple sclerosis
pdf.png Sukhorukov Viktor
Sleep polygram features in patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis and restless legs syndrome
pdf.png Chernenko Maksym
Vovk Victoriia
Neuroplasticity in patients with multiple sclerosis in conditions of the infl ammatory process
pdf.png Volokh Fedir
Monitoring of cellular beta-adrenergic receptors in treatment of patients with early- and middle-stage hypertensive encephalopathy
pdf.png Druz' Oleg
Hrynevych Yevheniia
Chernenko Inna
Psychodiagnostics of the posttraumatic stress disorder in participants of local military operations
pdf.png Zavorotnyy Vyacheslav
Diagnostic predictors and criteria for various variants of posttraumatic stress disorder among military servicemen who participated in military operations in Eastern Ukraine
pdf.png Kireev Ihor
Zhabotynska Nataliia
Interaction of medicines for pharmacotherapy of anxiety disorders with comorbidal pathology of gastrointestinal tract
pdf.png Kolyadko Svitlana
Kalenska Galyna
Denysenko Mykhailo
Features of psychotherapeutic correction of neurotic disorders completed by addictive forms of behavior
pdf.png Kushnir Anatolii
Socially dangerous acts against the lives of individuals with schizophrenia: social and demographic aspects
pdf.png Markova Marianna
Piontkovska Oksana
Soloviova Anhelina
Medical and psychological aid for children — forcibly displaced persons: conceptual foundations of psychological support, rehabilitation and socialization
pdf.png Maruta Natalia
Kalenska Galyna
Yavdak Iryna
Maliuta Liana
Mental health disorders in internally displaced persons
pdf.png Minko Oleksandr
Markozova Lubov
Lisna Natalia
Нoltsova Svіtlana
The dynamics of cognitive disorders in patients with alcohol dependence infl uenced by treatment
pdf.png Mudrenko Iryna
The role of socio-demographic and clinical anamnestic factors in the formation of suicidal behavior in patients with dementia
pdf.png Oprya Yevgen
Psychopathology of the emotional sphere in patients with schizophrenia with somatic diseases
pdf.png Panko Tamara
Bugakova Arina
Features of functional associations of symptoms of anxiety and depression with a subjective picture of the life course in various forms of neurotic pathology
pdf.png Savka Svitlana
Clinical psychopathological features of nonpsychotic mental disorders in patients with rheumatoid arthritis dependent on the disease duration
pdf.png Samoilovа Olena
Clinical features of the adaptation disorders in the conditions of the military confl ict on the East of Ukraine
pdf.png Fedchenko Viktoriya
Formation of depressive behavior in patients with recurrent depressive disorders
pdf.png Yurchenko Olha
Complex diagnostics of paranoid schizophrenia considering the specifi cities of addictive status and quality of life
pdf.png Yavorska Tеtіana
Features of the eff ect behavioral and psycho-emotional stresspotentiating factors on the development of cerebrovascular pathology
pdf.png In memory of the Honored Scientist of Ukraine, MD, Professor Sukhorukov Viktor Ivanovych