Volume 24, issue 4 (89), 2016

Recommended for dissemination via the Internet by the Academic Council of SI "Institute of neurology, psychiatry and narcology of the NAMS of Ukraine" (protocol no. 15 dated 26 October, 2016)

pdf.png Tantsura Lyudmyla
Pylypets Olena
Tretiakov Dmytro
Concept of minimal cerebral dysfunction genesis and possible approaches for it prevention
pdf.png Berchenko Olga
Shlyakhova Anna
Veselovska Olena
Electrical activity of thalamocortical system of the brain and hypothalamus during pain syndrome in rats with ischemic stroke model
pdf.png Burchynskyi Sergiy
Possibilities and choice criteria of medications of cholinergic pharmacotherapy in treatment of dementia
pdf.png Geyko Valentyna
The experimental study of the gender aspects of multiple sclerosis "family forms" depending on the type and degree of hereditary oppression
pdf.png Grygorova Iryna
Teslenko Olga
Novak Alina
Tykhonova Liudmyla
The eff ectiveness of use of the Entrop® as part of complex therapy of cerebral injuries
pdf.png Shkolnyk Valerii
Fesenko Halyna
Soia Olena
Peculiarities of changes in health-associated quality of life and possibilities of their assessment SF-36v2 in patients with remote consequences of traumatic brain injury
pdf.png Aimedov Сonstantin
Zhyvylko Volodymyr
Integrated program of psychosocial support to women with alopecia
pdf.png Boiko Dmytro
Clinical and psychopathological aspects autoaggressive behavior in patients with a fi rst psychotic episode, taking into account biological rhythms
pdf.png Budonnyi Pavlo
The relationship of suicidal behavior with seasonal monthly and daily cycles of the population living in a depressed industrial region
pdf.png Buzdyhan Olena
Diff erentiated approaches to psychosocial rehabilitation of patients with schizophrenia in view of clinical and functional gender peculiarities
pdf.png Gaponov Kostiantyn
Alcohol dependence in the presence of social distress: epidemiological, clinical and therapeutical aspects
pdf.png Kioseva Olena
Motivational predictors use psychoactive substances young people of Ukraine
pdf.png Kutikov Oleksandr
Anthropological factor and peculiarities of the brain bioelectric activity in patients with neuroses
pdf.png Mukharovska Inna
Features of emotional condition cancer patients at the stage of primary treatment
pdf.png Osokina Olga
Neuroanatomical and histological background of schizophrenia (review)
pdf.png Pidkorytov Valerii
Vascular dementia is a problem of modern psychiatry
pdf.png Savina Maiia
Typology of strategies to overcome in women with diff erent addictive behavior and family health
pdf.png Samoilovа Olena
Manifestations aggressive behavior and criteria psychological protection of children in families of forced displaced persons of post-traumatic stress disorder
pdf.png Shestakova Maryna
Verevka Natalia
Prospects and possibilities of applying the method of transcranial direct current stimulation in treatment of a variety of speech disorders in preschool children in child psychiatric practice
pdf.png Shestopalova Liudmyla
Buchok Yurii
Maruta Oksana
Features of representation of subjective picture of life’s journey in patients with adjustment disorders
pdf.png Shkoda Kostiantyn
The features of personal and social-psychological maladjustment of wives and mothers patients with paranoid schizophrenia with long diseases
pdf.png Shpyloviy Yaroslav
Features of social support in women with neurotic anxietydepressive disorder different genesis (internally displaced persons and wives of military servicemen — anti-terrorist operation participants
pdf.png Yudin Mykhailo
Personality peculiaritues of cosmetoiogical patients with disharmonious self-attitudey and high self-esteem
pdf.png Yavdak Iryna
Clinical signs of resistant forms of neurasthenia
pdf.png Voloshyna Natalia
Nikishkova Iryna
Pisotska Kseniia
The role of electroencephalographic examination in a detection of hepatoencephalopathy in patients with hepatobiliary pathology
pdf.png Zakal Kateryna
Clinical-psychopathological and psychosocial characteristics of medication compliance with paranoid schizophrenia
pdf.png Sydorenko Anastasiia
Markova Marianna
Medical and psychological aspects of rehabilitation of patients with congenital heart defects: passport of health as an element of comprehensive support
pdf.png Teshchuk Viktor
Teshchuk Nazarii
Approaches to treatment of post-traumatic stress disorders in military servicemen — anti-terrorist operation participants