Volume 24, issue 3 (88), 2016

Recommended for dissemination via the Internet by the Academic Council of SI "Institute of neurology, psychiatry and narcology of the NAMS of Ukraine" (protocol no. 13 dated 15 August, 2016)

pdf.png Maruta Natalia
Verbenko Georgiy
Cognitive impairments in patients with bipolar affective disorder (clinical features, diagnosis, therapy)
pdf.png Mishchenko Tamara
Nikishkova Iryna
Mishchenko Vladyslav
Kutikov Damir
Burden of cerebral small vessel disease
pdf.png Korshnyak Volodymyr
Nаsibullin Borys
The infl uence of geomagnetic eff ects on the state of vegetative nervous system in patients with after eff ects of mild cranial brain traumas, methods of their correction
pdf.png Mialovytska Olena
Didkova Yuliia
Current approaches to preventive treatment of status migrainous
pdf.png Pisotska Kseniia
Peculiarities of the vegetative of patients with pathology of the hepatobiliary system
pdf.png Sidorovich Emiliya
Amvrosieva Tamara
Likchachev Sergey
Goncharova Natalia
Ischemic stroke severity and cumulative proportion surviving in the patients with extracranial arteries atherosclerosis according to the severity of systemic infl ammation, previous and chronic infections, stroke-induced immunodepression
pdf.png Aimedov Сonstantin
Zhyvylko Volodymyr
Individually-psychological peculiarities of women with alopecia
pdf.png Butko Kazar
Analysis of the state psychological maladjustment in patients with traumatic lesions of the upper extremities as rationale for providing them with psychological assistance
pdf.png Voloshchuk Diana
Analysis of the effectiveness of integrated medical and social support for patients with vascular dementia and their families
pdf.png Denysenko Mykhailo
Analysis of addictive condition in patients with neurotic disorders (expression of the frequency of addictive phenomenon and addictive potential objects use)
pdf.png Driuchenko Maiia
Features interaction in the mother — child in a family where the mother suff ers from schizophrenia
pdf.png Kioseva Olena
Characteristics of hardiness of undergraduate students with the adjustment disorder
pdf.png Pshuk Nataliia
Herasymuk Valeriіa
The assessment of women` life quality whose husbands have the schizophrenia symptoms
pdf.png Savina Maiia
Behavior in confl ict situations between spouses in families of women with diff erent state of addictive behaviour and family health
pdf.png Fedchenko Viktoriya
Clinical features, the social impact and the organization of aid for patients with depression
pdf.png Чугунов Вадим Витальевич
Городокин Антон Дмитриевич
Скрипник Анна Сергеевна
Мотиваційні паттерни інтернет-аддикції у членів анонімних інтернет-спільнот
pdf.png Yurchenko Olha
Comparative characteristics of addiction status in patients with paranoid schizophrenia and healthy persons
pdf.png Drogovoz Svitlana
Kabachnyy Volodymyr
Kabachna Iryna
Mechanisms of action and pharmacological possibilities of carboxytherapy in the nervous system diseases
pdf.png Kramar Yuliia
Peculiarities of therapy of schizophrenia complicated using psychoactive substance
pdf.png Mishchenko Tamara
Mishchenko Vladyslav
Zdesenko Iryna
Cogniphen in post-stroke rehabilitation patients
pdf.png Oros Mykhailo
Luts Vitalii
Adamcho Nataliia
Medication option adjustment fatigue in patients after acute cerebrovascular accident
pdf.png Khyzhniak Yuliia
Mialovytska Olena
Cognitive impairment in patients with primary and progressive forms of multiple sclerosis