Volume 24, issue 1 (86), 2016

Recommended for dissemination via the Internet by the Academic Council of SI "Institute of neurology, psychiatry and narcology of the NAMS of Ukraine" (protocol no. 5 dated 10 March, 2016)

pdf.png Maruta Natalia
Zhupanova Daria
Clinical-psychological peculiarities of patients with depression and diff erent levels of medication compliance (diagnosis and correction)
pdf.png Mialovytska Olena
Kobys T.
Khyzhnyak A. A.
Modern views on etiopathogenesis, diagnostics and treatment of neuromyelitis optica (Devic’s disease)
pdf.png Osokina Olga
Ivniev Borys
Putiatin Hennadii
Structure of the brain evoked potentials and their peculiarities in some mental disorders (review)
pdf.png Spirina Iryna
Kazakov Vitalii Yevhenovych
Shusterman Tamara
Rokutov Sergiy
Shornikov Andrii
Modern aspects of treatment and rehabilitation of cognitive dysfunction in patients after brain injury (literature review)
pdf.png Dziuba О. М.
Babenko V. V.
Quantitative effects of metabolic syndrome components on the dynamics of neurological deficit in patients with acute primary ischemic stroke associated with metabolic syndrome
pdf.png Kobys T.
Predictors of disability progression in multiple sclerosis depending on relapse frequency and neuroimaging and immunological indicators
pdf.png Milevska-Vovchuk L. S.
The role of age in the development of cognitive impairment
pdf.png Muratova Tetiana
Dynamics of leptinlevel and production of interleukin-1 by mononuclear blood cells in patients with epilepsy under different conditions of treatment
pdf.png Fedorchenko Svitlana
Patients with dizziness: reactive and personal anxiety peculiarities
pdf.png Bilous Volodymyr
Clinical and psychopathological manifestations of prodromal stage of psychosis in patients with paranoid schizophrenia and acute polymorphic psychotic disorder
pdf.png Venger Olena
Peculiarities of manifestations of depression and anxiety in emigrants and remigrants with depressive disorders
pdf.png Zakal Kateryna
Clinical and psychopathological factors of a poor medicational compliance in patients with a continuous course of paranoid schizophrenia
pdf.png Kioseva Olena
Psychopathological characteristics of an emotional sphere of university fi rst year students
pdf.png Kolyadko Svitlana
Denysenko Mykhailo
Kalenska Galyna
Yavdak Iryna
Clinical-psychopathological peculiarities of patients with neurotic disorders and comorbid addictive impairments
pdf.png Maliuta Liana
Pathopsychological peculiarities of patients with schizophrenia with depressed depending on the duration disease
pdf.png Mozgova T. P.
Leshchyna I. V.
Fedorchenko Svitlana
From the treatment of behavioral disorders — to the protection of mental health at adolescents
pdf.png Rakhmanov R.
The results of the clinical, psychiatric and psychological study of the families whose children suff ering from cerebral palsy and autism after the psychosocial rehabilitation
pdf.png Reshetovska Nadiia
Medico-social prognosis of depression in adolescents
pdf.png Rokutov Sergiy
The unifi ed method of modeling the individual treatment and rehabilitation programs in psychiatry using computer technology
pdf.png Sincha K. A.
Predictors of postschizophrenic depression in the context of psychotherapeutic correction
pdf.png Chugunov Vadim
Linskiy Igor
Safonov D. N.
Gorodokin Anton
Criteria and clinical tools for diff erential diagnostics of endogenous catatonia and late neurotropic eff ects of neuro leptic therapy (“Endogenous catatonia diff erentiation scale”)
pdf.png Shyrokov Oleksandr
Peculiarities of a comprehensive treatment of paranoid schizophrenia, comorbid with bone tuberculosis, in aspects of their pharmaco therapy and psychosocial rehabilitation
pdf.png Posokhov Mykola Fedorovych
Modern problems in neurosurgical treatment of pharmacoresistant facial pains
pdf.png Rakhman Lyudmyla Volodymyrivna
Conceptual forming factors and principles of therapy of treatment resistant depressions
pdf.png Savina Maiia
Structural and phenomenological peculiarities of addictive behavior disorders in women with family interaction
pdf.png Nikonenko V. A.
Clinic, diagnostic, psychotherapy of neurotic psychopathological disorders with arterial hypertension
pdf.png Mukharovska Inna
Markova Marianna
Phenomenon of delay in cancer patients
pdf.png Panko Tamara
Fedchenko Viktoriya
Kalenska Galyna
Denysenko Mykhailo
Clinical and psychopathological aspects and principles of treatment of organic mental disorders with symptoms of anxiety
pdf.png Petrenko V. Yu.
Koshelieva H. M.
Volodarska N. М.
Malakhov V. O.
The role of physical therapy in coordinate disorders
pdf.png Tolmachov O. A.
Cognitive training at patients with arterial hypertension: speech perception
pdf.png Shapovalov Valentyn
Shapovalov Valery
Shapovalova Victoria
Kulykova O. V.
Organization of provision with antipsychotic drugs on a base of the pharmaceutical law and forensic pharmacy