Volume 22, issue 1(78), 2014

pdf.png Mishchenko Tamara
Vascular dementia (the evolution of views on the problem)
pdf.png Morozov P. V.
Neznanov N. G.
Limankin O.V.
Voloshyn Petro
Altynbekov S.A.
Hotineanu M.A.
Galako T.I.
Chkoniya E.
Alimov U.Kh.
Mental health conditions of the population and tendencies of deve lopment of mental health care in post-soviet countries
pdf.png Napreyenko Oleksandr Kostiantynovych
Psychiatric science in Ukraine in 2013 and the directions of its improvement (by data of Problem commission "Psychiatry" of the Ministry of Health and National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine)
pdf.png Voloshyn-Gaponov Ivan
Molecular-genetic aspects of Wilson’s disease
pdf.png Vasylovskyi Vitalii
Voloshyna Natalia
Negreba Tetiana
Levchenko Іryna Leonidivna
The comparative structural and functional analysis of the immune imbalance in persons of diff erent gender at relapsing and progredient courses of multiple sclerosis
pdf.png Grygorova Iryna
Tuchkina Maryna Yuriivna
Nekrasova Nataliia Oleksandrivna
Peculiarities of functional state of the nervous system and dopplerography characteristic in girls with neurological and gynecological pathology
pdf.png Zabolotnyi Dmytro Illich
Lukach Ervin Vencelovych
Palamar Orest Igorovych
Guk Andrii Petrovych
Malignant craniofacial tumors, natural history, tactics of treatment
pdf.png Myronenko Myroslava Olegivna
Myronenko Tetiana Vasylivna
Kornienko Khrystyna Volodymyrivna
Extrapyramidal syndrome in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia in the presence of diabetes
pdf.png Pertsev Grygorii
Peculiarities of nocturnal sleep in patients with acute traumatic brain injury and its remote consequences
pdf.png Salii Maryna Igorivna
Shkrobot Svitlana
Quality of life in patients with ischemic lacunar stroke
pdf.png Abdriakhimova Tsira
Clinical relationship psychopathology nonpsychotic mental disorders and strategies for overcoming patients partially sighted traumatic genesis
pdf.png Verbenko Viktoriia
Yurieva Nataliia Mykhailivna
Clinical features psychopathology of women and men with paranoid schizophrenia, in aspects of their social exclusion
pdf.png Voloshyna Diana
Internal structure of the mental status of patients with different consequences of traumatic brain injury
pdf.png Maruta Natalia
Rachkauskas Gennadii Stasysovych
Yavdak Iryna
Formation of syndromes in resistant dissociative disorders (psychopathological mechanisms of neurosogenesis)
pdf.png Linskiy Igor
Bacherykov Andrii Mykolaiovych
Lakynskyi Roman
Matuzok Eduard Gennadiiovych
Tkachenko Tetiana
Sitenko Liubov Mykolaivna
Gender features of completed suicide attempts in Kharkiv (2008—2011)
pdf.png Ogorenko Viktoriia
The role of acute and chronic stress factors in the formation and characteristics of the clinical manifestations of neurotic disorders in patients with brain tumors
pdf.png Pshuk Nataliia
Kaminska Anna Oleksiivna
Some individual psychological predictors of professional disadaptation forming in surgery and therapeutic profi le doctors
pdf.png Rachkauskas Gennadii Stasysovych
Radionova Svitlana Ivanivna
The infl uence of detox therapy on level of "average molecules" at the blood of the patients with catatonic schizophrenia
pdf.png Takhtashova Dina Rashydovna
Program for a dif erentiated prevention of a suicidal behavior in patients with bipolar af ective disorders
pdf.png Shevchenko-Bitenskyi  Kostiantyn
Integration of psychophysiological, psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic ef ects in the treatment of comorbid af ective spectrum disorders
pdf.png Artemchuk Kyrylo Anatoliiovych
Dynamics of pathological craving for alcohol in persons with alcohol addiction resistant to therapy under inl uence of the sensibilizing treatment
pdf.png Vyglazova Olga Viacheslavivna
Linskiy Igor
Addictive status of patients with alcohol addiction
pdf.png Gaydabrus Andrii Volodymyrovych
Disorders due to use of alcohol in former serviceman "in the mirror" of AUDIT test
pdf.png Malykhina Nataliia
Complex treatment of the depressive disorders burdened by suicide behavior, with application of laser therapy
pdf.png Radionova Viktoriia Oleksandrivna
Shapovalov Valery
Shapovalovа V.  O.
Kazyaycheva Alina Oleksandrivna
Forensic pharmacy: studying of the modern reasons for the formation of alcohol dependence and its consequences for women
pdf.png Kazakov Vitalii Yevhenovych
Immune disorders as predictors of adverse traumatic brain injury l ow
pdf.png Pshuk Yevhen
Study of the level of the social intellect of the referential relatives of the patients with schizophrenia in terms of their social functioning
pdf.png Filipova  Tetiana Valeriivna
Speech disturbances on aphasia
pdf.png Pavlichenko Alexey Viktorovich
Advances in bipolar af ective disorder: focus on mixed states, prognosis and management (according to the proceedings of the 26th ECNP Congress)