Volume 21, issue 3 (76), 2013

pdf.png Maruta Natalia
Kolyadko Svitlana
Paroxysmal states in neurotic disorders (clinical and psychopatho logical structure and principles of therapy)
pdf.png Voloshyn-Gaponov Ivan
The peculiarities of brain bioelectrical activity in patients with Wilson’s disease
pdf.png Gryb Viktoriia Anatoliivna
Quality of life in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, complicated with polyneuropathy
pdf.png Dubenko Ol'ga
Kostukovsky S.
Krasyuk D.
Angiotensin II and angiotensin-converting enzyme gene polymorphism in acute stroke
pdf.png Litvyn L.
Use of epileptal® in treatment of children with debut of demyelinating disorder
pdf.png Litovchenko Tetiana Anatoliivna
Zavalna O. P.
Tondiy O. L.
Lebedynets Volodymyr Vasylovych
Complex treatment of patients in the early recover period of ishemic stroke with neuromidin
pdf.png Scheglov V. I.
Scheglov D. V.
Sviridyuk O. Е.
Konotopchik S. V.
Pastushin A. A.
Gnelitsa A. P.
Endovascular treatment of internal carotid artery aneurysms of large and giant sizes. Experience of 1976—2013
pdf.png Abdriakhimova Tsira
Quality of life of persons with nonpsychotic mental disorders due partially sighted traumatic genesis
pdf.png Abramov Volodymyr Andriiovych
Ryapolova T. L.
Kokotova O. O.
Boychenko O. O.
Qualitative analysis of the personality adaptive resources in the patients with schizophrenia
pdf.png Gabrel R. T.
Features of life partner pairs in which one partner is HIVpositive
pdf.png Gegeshko V. V.
First episode delirium tremens
pdf.png Zinchenko Olena
Clinical and psychopathological features of non-psychotic mental disorders among rural residents
pdf.png Markova Marianna
Sexual addiction: analysis of the phenomenon
pdf.png Mikhailov B. V.
Analysis of the socio-psychological factors that infl uence the formation and development of depressive aff ective and neurotic reactions registers at university students
pdf.png Piontkovska Oksana
Features of child-parent relationship in the family with a child with cancer
pdf.png Ponomaryov V. I.
Bulling research in the contingent of adolescents of regional social establishment for minors
pdf.png Soroka E. G.
Psychocorrection of organic mental disorders at the stationary stage of rehabilitation of the miners who have technogenic accidents
pdf.png Sosin Ivan
Skvira I. M.
The new approaches to an integrated prognosing of recurrences in alcohol dependence
pdf.png Spirina Iryna
Fedenko Yelyzaveta
Level of alexithymia and individual profile of personality in patients with coxarthrosis and borderline mental disorders
pdf.png Chystikova O. I.
Features of psycho-emotional state employee fi re depending on experience in the high risk
pdf.png Chugay S. D.
Dynamics of expressed of alcoholic dependence at the persons during the medical treatment anticonvulsants (on results of the use of the ADS method)
pdf.png Shapovalov Valentyn
Organizational and legal aspects of nanotechnology in the circulation of the psychoactive medicines
pdf.png Dubenko Jevgen
Dubenko Andrij
Kovalenko Dmytro Pavlovych
Vasil'eva О. А.
Transformation of epileptic seizures (TES) and the scale "quality of life in epilepsy" (QOLIE-31)
pdf.png Kostyk M. M.
Skovronska A. O.,
Bugel L. V.
Skovronska O. N.
Homza O. S.
Experiences of Levicitam in treatment of tic disorders in children
pdf.png Maryenko Lidiya
Peculiarities of epilepsy pathomorphosis with onset of the disease in childhood and adolescence
pdf.png Моstоvа О. P.
Application of deep psychotherapy (analytical) in combination with AED treatment of some types of epilepsy
pdf.png Nosov S. G.
Chudakova L. B.
Landau-Kleff ner Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment (Review of the literature)
pdf.png Sukhonosova Olga Yuriivna
Peculiarities of indicators and forms of epilepsy in children of diff erent age groups
pdf.png Dubenko Andrij
Iatrogenic reasons for non-efficacy of the epilepsy treatment
pdf.png Yevtushenko S. K.
Morozova T. M.
Omelyanenko A. A.
Morozova H. V.
Shestova О. P.
Prokhorova L. M.
Golubeva I. N.
A clinical effi cacy and infl uence of Levetiracetam (Keppra) on cognitive functions in children of school age with idiopathic generalized epilepsy
pdf.png Yevtushenko S. K.
Omelyanenko A. A.
Shestova О. P.
Morozova T. M.
Progressing forms of epileptic encephalopathies in infants and children (diffi culties of diagnosis and therapy)
pdf.png Zavalko Yu. N.
Zadorozhnyy V. Z.
Chudakova L. B.
Khyzhnyak A. A.
Dyslexia and dysgraphia in children with epilepsy
pdf.png Zavyazkina Nataliya
Ustinova M. V.
Peculiarities of the cognitive sphere in children suff ering from epilepsy with cerebral palsy
pdf.png Lukyantseva Olga
Changes of brain electrical activity in children with enuresis
pdf.png Mykhaylov Borys Volodymyrovych
Mikhanovska N. G.
A psychotherapeutic management of a family with a child of an early age suff ering from epilepsy
pdf.png Mrug O.G.
The role of a medical-psychological rehabilitation in treatment of schizophrenia
pdf.png Nadonenko O. M.
Martynyuk V. Yu.
Yarmolyuk T. P.
Maystruk O. A.
EEG-videomonitoring: an ictal EEG in diagnosis of epilepsy
pdf.png Nechay A. F.
The role of ECG in an examination of children of an early age with epilepsy and non-epileptic attacks
pdf.png Omelyanenko A. A.
Yevtushenko S. K.
Morozova T. M.
Shestova О. P.
Morozova H. V.
Changes of visual evoked potentials connected with an event on image-semantic stimuli in children with idiopathic focal epilepsies in absence of an anticonvulsant therapy
pdf.png Pomerantseva Tetyana
Skorobogatova Olga
Clinical-instrumental characteristics of nocturnal focal epilepsies
pdf.png Statinova Olena Anatoliivna
Kotsenko Yu. I.
Abnormalities of intracerebral arteries as a cause of development of a severe cerebral ischemic stroke
pdf.png Тereshchenko Liudmyla
Therapeutic approaches in the treatment of epilepsy
pdf.png Chuprykov A. P.
Chuprykova Ye. G.
Neuropsychiatric problems of child epilepsy
pdf.png Shestova О. P.
Yevtushenko S. K.
Morozova T. M.
Omelyanenko A. A.
Prokhorova L. M.
Golubeva I. N.
Perepechayenko Yu. M.
Zyma I. Ye.
Peculiarities of the course and a therapeutic “replaying” of the epileptic syndrome in children with generalized brain malformations
pdf.png Zilberblat Gennadii
Yershova O.
Тimеn М. Е.
"Zeldox — antipsychotic for the mind and body" — Myth or Reality? (Tested by KRPNMU)
pdf.png Korostiy Volodymyr
Experience of treatment of anxiety disorders in psychosomatic diseases with non-benzodiazepines anxiolytics
pdf.png Horanskyi Yu I.
Dubenko Andrij
Korostiy Volodymyr
Litovchenko Tetiana Anatoliivna
Maruta Natalia
Maryenko Lidiya
Mishchenko Tamara
Chaban Oleg
Standardized Clinical Protocol for Medical Care in Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy in Adults (Project)
pdf.png A brief description of changes in DSM-5 in comparison with DSM-IV-TR
pdf.png Alfimov P.
Dopaminergic disbalance, salience dysregulation and reward system in schizophrenia: a report on symposium held on April 8, 2013 at XXI EPA Congress (6—9 April, 2013, Nice, France)
pdf.png Pavlichenko Alexey Viktorovich
Denysenko Mykhailo
Chitlova V. V.
Future classifi cations of mental disorders (according to the proceedings of the XXIst European Congress of Psychiatry)
pdf.png Kharchenko A. V.
The information about the XIth All-russian school for young psychiatrists
pdf.png Development of ideas A. E. Scherbaks in rehabilitation patients with diseases nervous system
pdf.png Dublin Declaration