Volume 26, issue 3 (96), 2018

Recommended for dissemination via the Internet by the Academic Council of SI "Institute of neurology, psychiatry and narcology of the NAMS of Ukraine" (protocol no. 11 dated 26 June, 2018)

pdf.png Tantsura Lyudmyla
Koliada Oleksandr
Pylypets Olena
Tantsura Yevgen
Tretiakov Dmytro
Pharmacogenetic testing as a basis for the selection of antiepilep tic drugs in the treatment of pharmacoresistant epilepsy in children
pdf.png Abdriakhimov Rostyslav
Social frustration and peculiarities of neurotic reaction in participants of military action with trauma of eyes and partial loss of eyesight
pdf.png Gaponov Kostiantyn
Comparative analysis of expression of alcohol developments in individuals with different mental experience and level of psychosocial stress
pdf.png Zilberblat Gennadii
Sokolova Mariia
Kalachevich Olena
Moiseenko Lyudmila
Researches of the youth behaviour of the Kyiv region in connection with psychoactive substances consumption
pdf.png Isakov Rustam
Comparative analysis of psychosocial disadaptation and efficient symptomatics in women with depressive disorders of different geneses
pdf.png Kushnir Anatolii
Diff erentiated rehabilitation targets in patients with schizophrenia, who committed social dangerous act against human life
pdf.png Maruta Natalia
Zavorotnyy Vyacheslav
Principles of rehabilitation of military men with diff erent variants of post-traumatic stress disorder
pdf.png Minko Oleksandr
Lisna Natalia
Markozova Lubov
Individual-psychological characteristics of alcoholic individuals and their related relatives infl uencing therapeutically alliance forming
pdf.png Mukharovska Inna
Integrative medical-psychological model of non-compliance on the example of patients with cancer
pdf.png Oprya Yevgen
Perception of mental and somatic diseases in representations of patients with schizophrenia
pdf.png Panko Tamara
Semikina Olena
Yavdak Iryna
Features of factors of mental trauma and structure clinical manifestations of internally displaced persons
pdf.png Fedchenko Viktoriya
Comparison of subjective and objective evaluations of the status of patients with primary depressive disorders with the aim to substantiating of therapeutic tactics
pdf.png Khaustov Maksym
Model of medical and psychological support of medical students with adjustment disorders
pdf.png Yavorska Tеtіana
Markova Marianna
Clinical-psychological spectrum and structure of stress-risk factors in patients with cerebrovascular diseases
pdf.png Voloshyn-Gaponov Ivan
Voloshyna Natalia
Cases from the practice of treating patients with Wilson’s disease
pdf.png Vasylovskyi Vitalii
The value of proteins in liquor and blood serum in patients with progressive courses of multiple sclerosis
pdf.png Golovach Iryna
Clinical, pharmacological and economic advantages related to treatment of acute and chronic pain syndrome
pdf.png Grygorova Iryna
Some markers of dismetabolism in multiple sclerosis
pdf.png Shkiryak Anton
Goncharuk Oksana
Komarnitskiy Sergiy
Treatment of seizures in an acute period of traumatic brain injury
pdf.png Yuryeva Liudmyla
Dukelsky Olexandr
Shusterman Tamara
Kokashynskyi Viktor
Khokholev Kostyantyn
Evaluation of the effectiveness of action of the preparation Entrop in the treatment of patients with asthenia of organic genesis
pdf.png In memory of the Vadym Ivanovych Reminiak