Volume 25, issue 2 (91), 2017

Recommended for dissemination via the Internet by the Academic Council of SI "Institute of neurology, psychiatry and narcology of the NAMS of Ukraine" (protocol no. 9 dated 16 June, 2017)

pdf.png Vasylovskyi Vitalii
Voloshyna Natalia
Negreba Tetiana
Tkachova Tetiana
Chernenko Maksym
The efficiency of betaferon in patients with uncertain prognosis in relapsing course of multiple sclerosis
pdf.png Grygorova Iryna
Teslenko Olga
Novak Alina
Tykhonova Liudmyla
Effect of the drug Entrop on cognitive function and quality of life of patients with craniocerebral trauma
pdf.png Kalashnikov Valerii
Cerebral hemodynamics in patients with tension-type headache
pdf.png Medvedkova Svitlana
Possibilities of using the fi nding of serum level of neuronspecifi c enolase as for prediction the level of neurological defi cit in early recovery period of cerebral ischemic hemispheric stroke
pdf.png Nosatov Andrii
Cytoarchitectonics red blood cells in patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy in the dynamics of treatment of very high frequency autohemotherapy
pdf.png Samoilova Hanna
Prediction of the severity of myasthenia gravis depending on the structural changes of the thymus
pdf.png Bilobryvka Rostyslav
Consciousness between life and death. Phenomenological and epistemological aspect
pdf.png Verbitsky Yevgeny
Effectiveness of antrals in complex treatment of patients with posttraumatic stress disorder
pdf.png Herasymenko Larysa
Therapy, rehabilitation and prevention of psychosocial maladjustment in women with adjustment disorders
pdf.png Denysenko Mykhailo
Lakynskyi Roman
Shestopalova Liudmyla
Linskiy Igor
Basic clinical variants of post-stress disorders are in combatants
pdf.png Ishchuk Vadim
Gorodokin Anton
Hormone-dependent and invariant components of psychoendo crine syndrome in the thyroid gland and the adrenal cortex pathology
pdf.png Kabachna Iryna
Drogovoz Svitlana
Kabachnyy Volodymyr
Palagina Nataliia
Kabachnyy Volodymyr Vol.
Detoxifying eff ect of Heteroсide-321 in alcohol poisoning
pdf.png Kryvankova Nataliia
Psychodefensive phenomena, mechanisms and barriers in patients with organic anxiety-depressive disorders as a dyscompliance factors
pdf.png Kushnir Anatolii
Modern approach to medical and social rehabilitation in socially dangerous schizophrenic patients
pdf.png Napryeyenko Oleksandr
Napryeyenko Nataliia
Depressive disorders in alcohol consumption with harmful consequences and alcohol dependence
pdf.png Pyliagina Galyna
Cognitive-emotional disbalance (defi ciency) concept and its value in pathways of mental pathology and self-destructive behaviour
pdf.png Radchenko Tetiana
Ovcharenko Mykola
Pinskiy Leonid
Clinical and pathogenetic role of hypothyroidism in development of pseudo-abstinence syndrome with a low-progredient current of opioid dependence in women
pdf.png Sydorenko Oleg
The phenomenon of disadaptation among the adult population of the working age
pdf.png Fedchenko Viktoriya
Optimization of approaches to the treatment of depressive disorders
pdf.png Chaban Oleg
Bezsheiko Vitaliy
PTSD, anxiety and depression in Ukrainian military, exposed to “war zone” stress
pdf.png Chugunov Vadim
Moseyko Oleksii
Clinical-psychopathological structure of atypical forms of the simple-type schizophrenia
pdf.png Shpyloviy Yaroslav
Clinical content and severity of depressive and anxiety phenomena in the structure of neurotic anxious-depressive disorders with various psychogenesis in women (IDPs and wives of military men — participants in ATO)
pdf.png Yurchenko Olha
Linskiy Igor
The quality of life in patients with paranoid schizophrenia and its diagnostic meaning
pdf.png Yavdak Iryna
Phenomenological specifi cs of clinical manifestations of dissociative disorders resistance
pdf.png Denysenko Mykhailo
Clinico-psychopathological characteristics of dissociative disorder with comorbid addiction
pdf.png Kozhyna  Hanna
Korostiy Volodymyr
Strelnikova Iryna
Zelenska Kateryna
Atypical antipsychotics in treatment of negative symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia
pdf.png Tantsura Lyudmyla
Pylypets Olena
Tretiakov Dmytro
Salo Sergiy
Lukyantseva Olga
Trembovetska Olena
The use of lyophilized royal jelly of brand “Medoc” in the complex treatment of chronic tic disorders in children
pdf.png Khyzhniak Yuliia
Efficiency of Amantadine in the treatment of cognitive and emotional disorders in multiple sclerosis patients