Volume 24, issue 2 (87), 2016

Recommended for dissemination via the Internet by the Academic Council of SI "Institute of neurology, psychiatry and narcology of the NAMS of Ukraine" (protocol no. 8 dated 10 May, 2016)

pdf.png Voloshyna Natalia
Negreba Tetiana
Тereshchenko Liudmyla
Vasylovskyi Vitalii
Pertsev Grygorii
Pisotska Kseniia
Clinical profi le of patients with insomnia in relapsing course of multiple sclerosis
pdf.png Dziuba О. М.
Babenko V. V.
Acute ischemic stroke: features of treatment in patients with metabolic syndrome
pdf.png Dubenko Andrij
Tantsura Lyudmyla
Serhienko Oksana Viktorivna
Babkina Yuliia
Sazonov Sergiy
Methodology of creating the register for optimization of statistical processing of epileptic patients
pdf.png Mishchenko Tamara
Mishchenko Vladyslav
Zdesenko Iryna
Mykhaylov Borys Volodymyrovych
Neuroxon in the treatment of patients with post-stroke dementia
pdf.png Salii Zoia
Shkrobot Svitlana
Аpoptosis of peripheral blood leukocytes in patients with traumatic brain injury consequences
pdf.png Salo Sergiy
Diagnostic criteria for the application of specific antiviral therapy for children with mental and speech retardation
pdf.png Bilous Volodymyr
Prodromal predictors of psychosis in patients with paranoid schizophrenia and acute polymorph psychotic disorder
pdf.png Venger Olena
Depressive disorders emigrants and re-emigrants: clinical psychotic phenomenology, modern approaches to treatment
pdf.png Voloshchuk Diana
Individual psychological peculiarities of caregivers-family members of patients with vascular dementia
pdf.png Zadorozhnyi Volodymyr
Hypothalamic disorders in patients with delirium tremens
pdf.png Zakal Kateryna
Clinical predictors of high and poor medication compliances in patients with paranoid schizophrenia with a continuous course
pdf.png Zakladnyi Maksym
Medical and psychological correction emotional disorders in patients with anxiety neurotic and organic genesis disorders: rationale for diff erentiated approach
pdf.png Korostiy Volodymyr
The non-chemical addictions, which are comorbid with psychosomatic disorders in young people
pdf.png Kuzminov Valerii
Treatment of psychomotor agitation in patients with alcohol withdrawal state with delirium
pdf.png Maliuta Liana
Clinical and psychopathological peculiarities of depressive disorders in manifest schizophrenia
pdf.png Maruta Natalia
Yavdak Iryna
Cheredniakova Olena
Evaluating the effi cacy of neurotrophic therapy of depression
pdf.png Mykhailov Boris
Serdiuk Oleksandr
Halachenko Oleksandr
Halachenko Victoriia
Vashkite Inna
The course of post-traumatic stress disorder among the demobilized members of the antiterrorist operation, located on rehabilitation in sanatorium conditions
pdf.png Mukharovska Inna
Burnout in physicians-oncologists: sources of professional stress and psychological needs
pdf.png Radchenko Tetiana
Gender peculiarities and prevalence clinical and psychopathology of womens opioid dependence
pdf.png Savina Maiia
Depressive response level of spouses with different state of family health and dependent behavior in women
pdf.png Skrypnikov Andrii
Kydon Pavlo
The analysis of motives of refusal from maintenance antipsychotic therapy among the patients with paranoid schizophrenia, combined with the cannabinoids, using during the fi rst remission
pdf.png Sosin Ivan
Chuiev Yurii
Honcharova Olena
Monitoring and activation of visual perception of color panoramic analogues traffi c lights and psychophysiological aspects of road safety
pdf.png Chorna Tetiana
The emotional disturbances of anxiety disorders patients and psychotherapy correction principles
pdf.png Yudin Mykhailo
Psychological aspects in cosmetic medicine
pdf.png Yurchenko Olha
Тhe socio-demographic characteristics of patients with paranoid schizophrenia and its diagnostic value
pdf.png Yarui Volodymyr
Markova Marianna
Disturbances in addictive status and psycho-emotional condition in the genesis of maladjustment in wifes of males with alcohol dependence
pdf.png Zupanets Ihor
Shebeko Serhii
Otrishko Inna
Pharmacodynamic aspects of neurogeroprotective synergism of the drug "Olatropil"
pdf.png Lytvynenko Maksym
Acne: a view through the medical psychology’s prism
pdf.png Minutes of the meeting of the Counsil National Psychiatric Associations — members of the European Psychiatric Association
pdf.png Professor Yevtushenko Stanyslav Kostiantynovych