Volume 23, issue 4 (85), 2015

Recommended for dissemination via the Internet by the Academic Council of SI "Institute of neurology, psychiatry and narcology of the NAMS of Ukraine" (protocol no. 16 dated 19 November, 2015)

pdf.png Galinovskaya Natallia
Nekrasova Nataliia Oleksandrivna
Usova Nataliia
Tovazhnianska Olena
Markovska Olena
Comparative analysis of vegetative status in patients with acute cerebral ischemia in vertebrobasilar basin
pdf.png Geletka Oleksandr
Plasma-cellular indicators of lipid metabolism and the number of desquamated endothelial cells in blood of patients with early recovery period of carotid ischemic stroke, depending on the severity
pdf.png Korshnyak Volodymyr
Dynamics of brain-specifi c proteins and melatonin to and then microwave resonance therapy in patients with mild brain injury consequences
pdf.png Labinskyi Andrii
Nonmedicamental treatment transitory ischemic attacks and prevention of cerebral strokes and study lipid homeostasis of hair follicles of patients (hirudotherapy combined with manual therapy and nutritsiologic correction)
pdf.png Makedonska Iryna
The features of seizures in children that were born with extremely low weight
pdf.png Pisotska Kseniia
Peculiarities of neurological impairments in patients with of the hepatobiliary system
pdf.png Stepanchenko Kostiantyn
Features of visual analysis of the electroencephalography in adolescents with diff erent forms of tension-type headaches
pdf.png Sukhorukov Viktor Iv.
Sukhorukov Viktor
Sleep polygram features in multiple sclerosis patients with restless legs syndrom
pdf.png Cherenko Tetiana
Risk factors for stroke-related pain and its variants in acute period ischemic stroke
pdf.png Fedorchenko Svitlana
Role of genotype characteristics in the formation of symptoms of vertigo
pdf.png Baіbarak Natalia Anatoliivna
Additional data to choose of individual tactics antirelapse treatment of recurrent depression
pdf.png Varibrus Olena
Psychological problems and quality of life in women with thyroid pathology
pdf.png Venger Olena
Clinical and psychopathological features of depressive disorders in emigrants and remigrants
pdf.png Maruta Natalia
Kozhyna  Hanna
Kolyadko Svitlana
Role of psychical education in the complex therapy of patients with the recurrent depressive disorder
pdf.png Mudrenko Iryna
Pharmacotherapy of suicidal behavior in patients with fi rst episode psychosis
pdf.png Osokina Olga
Predictors of the onset and outcome of fi rst episode psychosis (mathematical forecasting models)
pdf.png Podlubnyi Vitaliy
Biopsychosocial factors of infl uence on quality of life and social functioning workers industry
pdf.png Rokutov Sergiy
The device for modeling individual treatment and rehabilitation programs for patients with substance abuse, consi dering the level of therapeutic adherence and socioeconomic criteria
pdf.png Sydorenko Anastasiia
Kurkevych Andrii
Infl uence of prenatal diagnosis and parents’ coping strategy after foetus echocardiography examination
pdf.png Stoliarenko Andrii
Factors aff ecting compliance in the process of psychotherapy of dissociative disorders
pdf.png Strashok Oleg
Characteristics of adaptation capacity of the cardiovascular system in patients with alcohol dependence during withdrawal disorders
pdf.png Tkachenko Olga Vit.
Mentally conditioned dissomnic disorders in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus
pdf.png Fedchenko Viktoriya
Complex psychotherapy neurotic disorders with symptoms of anxiety
pdf.png Shestopalova Liudmyla
Borodavko Oksana
Kozyavkina Natalia
Kozyavkina Olga
Features mental development of children with attention defi cit hyperactivity disorder
pdf.png Shyrokov Oleksandr
Clinical-psychopathological, psychosocial and environmental factors in genesis of disadaptation of patients with paranoid schizophrenia, comorbidity with bone tuberculosis
pdf.png Yaroslavtsev Serhii
Pathopsychological determinants of comorbid mental and behavioral disorders in schizophrenia
pdf.png Grytsay Anna
The using of agomelatin for treatment of patients with depressive disorder and comorbid chronic tension headache
pdf.png Danilevska Natalia
Psychopathogenetically oriented methods of the therapies of pseudoobsessions
pdf.png Korshnyak Olena
The influence of melatonin on non-psychotic mental disorders in patients in a distant period of a closed brain injury
pdf.png Tsona Andriy
Neurocognitive defi cit in patients with schizophrenia and options for its correction
pdf.png Deriugina Tamila Petrivna
Ignorance of law does not release a medical worker from responsibility
pdf.png Shapovalov Valentyn
Shapovalova Victoria
Komar Liliia
Forensic and pharmaceutical study of the particularities of the circulation of controlled drugs with codeine based on the pharmaceutical and medical law
pdf.png EPA Position Paper on Psychiatric Care of Refugees in Europe