Volume 23, issue 1 (82), 2015

Recommended for dissemination via the Internet by the Academic Council of SI "Institute of neurology, psychiatry and narcology of the NAMS of Ukraine" (protocol number 1 dated 15/01/2015)

pdf.png Voloshyn Petro
Maruta Natalia
The Strategy of Mental Health Care of the population of Ukraine: contemporary opportunities and obstacles
pdf.png Kozyavkin Volodymyr
Shestopalova Liudmyla
Voloshyn Taras
Changes of indicators in mental and motor development of children with autism during intensive neurophysiological rehabilitation by V. Kozyavkin
pdf.png Bokatuieva Viktoriia
Clinical particularities of cardioembolic stroke, depending on the outcome
pdf.png Voloshyna Natalia
Voloshyn-Gaponov Ivan
Vazhova Olena
Algorithms of diagnostics and conducting of patients with Wilson’s disease
pdf.png Geyko Valentyna
Comparative analysis of modifi cation (due to prenatal infl uence), and genetic components of the predisposition to the induction of autoimmune demyelinating pathology in the rats of diff erent sex with the family history of multiple sclerosis, maternally
pdf.png Kuzmina Liliia
The clinical features of course of diff erent forms of the myasthenia
pdf.png Mishchenko Tamara
Mishchenko Vladyslav
Lapshyna Iryna
Optimization of treatment of patients with encephalopathy dyscirculatory
pdf.png Mialovytska Olena
Trepet Hanna
Cynytskyi Ihor
Neuropsychological disorders after isolated cerebellar infarction and their diagnostics with Stroop test
pdf.png Nosatov Andrii
Adrenergic activity erythrocyte membranes in the dynamics of complex therapy dyscirculatory encephalopathy using EHF-autohaemotherapy
pdf.png Pertsev Grygorii
The characteristics of physical effi ciency types in patients with remote consequences of traumatic brain injuries
pdf.png Radzikhovska Nataliia
Relationship between fatigue and sexual function disorder in multiple sclerosis patients
pdf.png Arkhipenko Olena
Mechanisms of psychological defense in womens addicted to alcohol with deviant sex-role stereotype behavior (according to the medical criteria)
pdf.png Bilobryvka Rostyslav
Sexual health criteria of men with aff ective disorders and sexual disharmony
pdf.png Bozhuk Olena
Study of the formation of emotional connection in the motherchild pair during pregnancy
pdf.png Vovk Victoriia
Psychodiagnostic approach to personality assessment of military men
pdf.png Voroninа Oleksandrа
The results of evaluation of behavior and quality of life of young people with mental and behavioral disorders, with tobacco smoking and tobacco dependence
pdf.png Zaitseva Larysa
Barycheva Elvira
Hryhorchuk Marharyta
Marital relationship satisfaction and marriage adaptability with a wife suff ering from depressive disorders of diff erent genesis
pdf.png Zaseda Yurii Igorovych
Clinically-psychophenomenological characteristic of pathopersonological transformation in cohort of patients suff ering from hypertensive disease
pdf.png Kasianova Anastasiia Yuriivna
Markova Marianna
Concept of medical and psychological assistance in pediatric cardiac surgery clinic
pdf.png Panko Tamara
Kalenska Galyna
Fedchenko Viktoriya
Denysenko Mykhailo
Pathopsychological peculiarities of anxiety disorders of an endogenous origin
pdf.png Pshuk Nataliia
Slobodianiuk Dmytro
Clinical features and diff erential diagnosis of social phobia among student youth
pdf.png Solovyovа Mariia
General characteristics of the surveyed employees of fi nancial institutions with neurotic disorders .
pdf.png Sukachova Olga
Motivation of the alcohol consumption in military personnel with adaptation disorders who were discharged during the reformation of the Armed Forces
pdf.png Telyukov Oles
Combination of Lamotrigine and Lithium in the treatment of bipolar II disorder (results of open comparative trial)
pdf.png Uskov Alex
Markova Marianna
Intrapsychical and behavioral patterns of adolescents with atopic dermatitis as target of medical and psychological support
pdf.png Fedak Bogdan Stepanovych
Nonpsychotic mental health problems in patients with acute somatic diseases
pdf.png Yavdak Iryna
Personality of a patient in formation of resistant dissociative disorders
pdf.png Vasina Yuliia
Shapovalov Valery
Shapovalova Victoria
Kovalova Karyna
Forensic and pharmaceutical aspects of contraventions of the turnover rules of psychoactive drugs in health care institutions
pdf.png Venger Olena
Syndromologica l structure depressive disorders in immigrants and returnees
pdf.png Zhupanova Daria
Clinical features of compliance medication in patients with depressive episode
pdf.png Mardzvik Volodymyr
Mardzvik Mykhailo
Effi ciency of neogabin in treatment of postgerpetic neuralgia
pdf.png Rakhman Lyudmyla Volodymyrivna
Comparative analysis of effi ciency of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and selective serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors in complex therapy of treatment resistant depression
pdf.png Napryeyenko Oleksandr
Syropyatov Oleg
Dzeruzhynska Nataliia
Napryeyenko Nataliia
Druz' Oleg
Gichun Viacheslav
Gorban Andriy
Proceedings of the Conference of the Kyiv regional Scientifi c and practical society of psychiatrists, narcologists and clinical psychologists
pdf.png Kolyadko Svitlana
Kalenska Galyna
Jean Martin Charcot: great personality, physician, scientist, educator