Volume 21, issue 1 (74), 2013

pdf.png Voloshyna Natalia
Vasylovskyi Vitalii
Chernenko Maksym
Influence of infectious factor on the condition of blood-brain barrier in patients with multiple sclerosis
pdf.png Voloshyn-Gaponov Ivan
Tau protein as the marker of axonal damage of cerebrum in patients with hepatocerebral degeneration
pdf.png Dubenko Andrij
Calashnikov V.I.
Tyagniryadko A.K.
Influence of postisometric relaxation methods on cerebral arterial hemodynamics in vertebrobasilar system in young patients with cervical spine instability
pdf.png Mishchenko Tamara
Bokatuieva Viktoriia
Lebedynets Volodymyr Vasylovych
Peculiarities of structural and functional alterations of cerebrum in patients with fatal cardiac embolic stroke
pdf.png Mialovytska Olena
Didkova Yuliia
Aspects of the epidemiology, pathogenesis and treatment of migraines (Review article)
pdf.png Salnikova V.
Features in symptomatic epilepsy course for children of different age groups
pdf.png Khodakivskyi O. A.
Chereschnyuk I. L.
Investigation of infl uence of derivate of adamantan ademol on fragmentation of DNA nucleuses of neurons of frontal lobes of cortex under ischemia reperfusion of brain in rats
pdf.png Yavorska Valentyna Oleksiivna
Chernenko Inna
Fedchenko Yu. G.
Bondar Oksana Borysivna
Bondar B. E.
Changes in circulation of blood for patients which carried battle craniocerebral trauma of diff erent degree of weight
pdf.png Abdriakhimova Tsira
Comparative analysis presence and severity of basic clinicalpsychopathological phenomenon of non-psychotic mental disorders in the visually impaired traumatic origin according subjective and objective assessment
pdf.png Bryuhanov O. V.
Optimization of resocialization of patients with psychological dependence on a psychoactive substance during treatment antidepressant Trittico (trazodone)
pdf.png Galatsan A. V.
Shapovalov Valery
Omelchenko V.A.
Development of organizational measures for the implementation of the concept of state policy in the sphere of counteracting of the drug addiction spread and illegal circulation of the psychoactive substances on the regional level on the principles of medi
pdf.png Dikhtyar A. Yu.
Medical service of population of declining and senile years with disorders of psyche and conduct: organization and satisfaction
pdf.png Druz' Oleg
Presence of depressive episodes in anamnesis and current aff ective status of opioid addicted patients
pdf.png Zinchenko Olena
Regional peculiarities of incidence of mental and behavioral disorders in the rural population of Ukraine
pdf.png Loboyko L. I.
Dynamics of psychoemotional sphere postnatal women within the context of the system “mother — а child”
pdf.png Maruta Natalia
Pan’ko Tamara Vasylivna
Peculiarities of diagnosis and therapy of anxiety disorders of neurotic and organic genesis
pdf.png Nikanorova Yuliia Valeriivna
The clinical and psychopathological peculiarities of structure of anxiety disorders with suicidal behavior
pdf.png Omelyanovich V. Yu.
Gender peculiarities of alexithymia eff ect on the structure of psychological defense mechanisms and coping-behaviour among IAB employees with psychic adaptation abnormalities
pdf.png Piontkovska Oksana
The mental health of parents of children with cancer pathology
pdf.png Romaniv O. P.
Khaustova Olena Oleksandrivna
Combined action of trazodone as a factor in increaset herapeutic effi cacy in the treatment of depressive and anxiety-depressive disorders compared with drugs of SSRIs
pdf.png Shynder V.
The comparative characteristic of bodily and sexual development of married couples, where a husband has epilepsy and where sexual disharmony takes place
pdf.png Yuryeva Liudmyla
Vishnichenko S. I.
Accentuation of personality in internal aff airs offi cers with nonpsychotic mental disorders
pdf.png Yavdak Iryna
Therapeutic possibilities of using herbal antidepressants in the treatment of depressive disorders
pdf.png Burchynskyi Sergiy
Melatonin and its possibilities in neurological practice
pdf.png Dyomina Ye. V.
Rozkladka A. I.
Zhuravlev A. S.
Results of treatment of persons subjected to long-term sound loads (players)