ГоловнаДля авторіврубрики журналу

Articles, original researches, reviews, lectures, practical observations, guidelines, discussion papers, scientific chronicle, brief communications, reviews are accepted for publication in "Ukrainian Bulletin of Psychoneurology".

 The papers on the following problems are posted and published in the journal:

- neurology

- psychiatry

- narcology

- psychotherapy and medical psychology

- child psychiatry and neurology

- rehabilitation of persons with neurological, psychiatric and substance abuse disorders

- forensic pharmacy

- experimental neurology, psychiatry and narcology

- organization and staffing of neurological, psychiatric and substance abuse treatment

- historical articles

- information about the newest drug and other methods of treatment and prevention

- information about the past and the prospective conferences, scientific and practical conferences and seminars.

The stated thematic sections of the journal do not restrict the authors in choosing the theme of the publication. Headings can be expanded in the presence of interesting and relevant material.