ГоловнаArchive of numbers2013Volume 21, issue 3 (76)"Zeldox — antipsychotic for the mind and body" — Myth or Reality? (Tested by KRPNMU)
Title of the article "Zeldox — antipsychotic for the mind and body" — Myth or Reality? (Tested by KRPNMU)
Authors Zilberblat Gennadii
Yershova O.
Тimеn М. Е.
Year 2013 Issue Volume 21, issue 3 (76) Pages 136-143
Type of article Scientific article Index UDK 616.893:616-08:614.2. Index BBK -
Abstract The paper presents the results of the drug zeldox with diff erent group of mental illnesses, diff erent axial syndromes. Effi ciency of zeldox is shown during exacerbation of the illness and stabilization of the mental condition; the most common side eff ects of the drug and the evaluation of the drug by patients are noted. Zeldox can be actively used as a broad-spectrum antipsychotic in psychiatric practice.
Key words zeldox, schizophrenia, cognitive disorders, side reactions, compliance therapy
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