ГоловнаArchive of numbers2018Volume 26, issue 3 (96)Pharmacogenetic testing as a basis for the selection of antiepilep tic drugs in the treatment of pharmacoresistant epilepsy in children
Title of the article Pharmacogenetic testing as a basis for the selection of antiepilep tic drugs in the treatment of pharmacoresistant epilepsy in children
Authors Tantsura Lyudmyla
Koliada Oleksandr
Pylypets Olena
Tantsura Yevgen
Tretiakov Dmytro
Year 2018 Issue Volume 26, issue 3 (96) Pages 5-9
Type of article Scientific article Index UDK 616.853-056.7: 615.213-08: 575.113.2 Index BBK -
Abstract We analyzed the results of an examination of 68 patients (children and adolescents), 42 (62.69 %) boys and 26 (37.31 %) girls, aged 5 months to 18 years, the average age was 9.6 ± 5.65 years. Children suffer from severe, refractory to the treatment forms of epilepsy. Duration of the disease from 1 month to 16 years. All children were given genetic research using the allelic method CYP2C9*1,*2,*3 of a specifi c polymerase chain reaction. In the study group dominated homozygous carriers by the allele CYP2C9*1 — 76.47 %. This genotype is quite common in many populations and is typical for fast meta bolism. The carrier of CYP2C9*2 and CYP2C9*3 alleles, which is functionally linked with biotransformation of drugs, slowing down their metabolism and occurrence of side effects, was found in 22.53 % of patients.
Key words epilepsy, pharmacoresistance, pharmacogenetic testing, cytochrome P450 isoenzymes, treatment, children
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